It's Crazy How Much Your Life Can Change In One Year


If you would have told me a year ago that I would be where I am today. I would say that you're pretty nuts. I want to tell you a little story today about where I was a year ago and how much better off I'm doing now.

About a year ago I was struggling to look for a job. I had just been laid off by two companies. I was having a tough time going on job interview after interview and getting turned down. I don't do well on interviews, and I don't do good having to try to prove my worth to people. I know my worth, but I guess I'm not always the best at showing that to an employer.

I started getting depressed, and I had a ton of anxiety. I had panic attacks, every day and I was in a tough spot. I was laid off by one job twenty days before Christmas. I had then found a new job immediately, only to get laid off from that job two weeks later. I just kind of lost it. I felt like I had to reevaluate my life and consider if I still want to be a graphic designer.

I decided that I was going to become a web developer because a web developer is a role that you don't necessarily need to go to college. I knew that going back to college was not an option because I already have a lot of student loan debt. I was learning web development for months and months, and then the depression, anxiety, and self-doubt got worse. I'm usually a pretty functional person when I'm depressed and same with my anxiety I'm still pretty functional.

For the first time, I got to a point where I couldn't get out of bed every day. I was just absolutely done. I was done with everything. Looking back at it now and thinking that that was a year ago is insane.

Around May, I decided to stop learning web development for like six hours a day, and I decided to start an Instagram page. I started an Instagram page for Underpaid Clothing. Immediately after starting the page, I got a follow from Eric who was our first customer in 2008. I started selling some shirts back in 2008, though it never took off and then I stopped for a while.

Getting a follow from Eric got me motivated, and I just started working on the Instagram page, every day. I was posting pictures, and I didn't have any shirts yet. I was building hype around the brand because I had planned to launch in about a month or so. As soon as I started working on the Instagram page, I instantly felt my depression lift and begin to fade away. I felt like a purpose. I felt like I had something to be passionate about.

That was only a year ago. Damn, if I thought back then that I would be where I am now. At the time I felt stuck. Kind of like it would be that way forever. A year later and at this time we're at 1500 followers on Instagram. I love and appreciate all of you. We're almost at 100 orders, and holy crap, I'm living my passion. I'm living my dream, and I want to encourage others to do the same. I think there are so many people out there that aren't doing what they love. They have another thing they're passionate about but stay at a company that they hate. I'm not saying quit your job today and start doing what you love today, but come up with a plan, like how can I turn my dream into a reality?

With the rise of social media and the web, you can do anything. You can start a blog, podcast, YouTube channel, whatever. Just start. I started Underpaid Clothing when I was at my lowest. I funded the first Underpaid shirts with my unemployment checks. I still did it, and I want to make this blog to encourage others. It just takes starting. I've wanted to start Underpaid Clothing for ten years now. I made the first Underpaid shirt back in 2008. Throughout the years I was going to start, and then something happened. Something happened, and there was a reason why it didn't start, but the important takeaway is; eventually, I did start. I didn't give up on my dream.

My point in this article is I want to encourage others to do what you're passionate about and do what you love, because I feel like you're going to get so much more fulfillment, out of life that way. It's all about living life with no regrets like, I don't want to be on my deathbed and having regrets about what if, what if I would have done it, you know what, if.

What is your passion? What do you love to do? Do you have a dream that you've always wanted to achieve? I want to hear about it so let's talk about that in the comments.👇